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Monday: 6:30-8PM Don Oswald, 2606 NW 374th Circle, LaCenter, 263-6069, “Must the Sun Set on the West: An Indian Explores the Soul of Western Civilization”.


  • 7–8:30PM Steve & Terri Moeller; 302 Hillshire Dr., Psalms
  • 6:30-8PM Gary & Carrie Card 250 Kingsbury Rd in Kelso. 1 John


  • 6:30-7:15PM Choir Practice in the sanctuary. Contact Chrystal Anderson if you’d like to join: chrystalranderson@gmail.com.
  • 7:30PM Young Ladies’ Group at 793 Whalen Rd (only 1st & 3rd Wed). Questions? Summer Ailshie: summernailshie@gmail.com.
  • 7:00PM, Fellowship Hall, with Ed & Francine Sorensen. The Enemy Within (a study on Romans 7: putting sin to death)
  • 7:00–8:30PM Pastor Doug & Jessica Connell, Assistants: Danny & Jill Lee, and Jake & Kelli Motzkus; 959 Hoffman. Ephesians
  • 7:15PM Andrew Criss & Robert Cunningham; 133 Soaring Hawk Ln., Woodland; Romans (Potluck at 6)


  • 6PM-8:30PM; Craig & Deborah Downs: study at their home in Kelso; Resolving Everyday Conflicts (6:30PM potluck); Fellowship Hall until Thanksgiving
  • 7PM Steve & Jennifer Cash; Longview. The Truth Project. Contact Jennifer Cash with questions: lmmsm@netzero.net.

Questions? Contact Pastor Scott: pastorscott@woodlandchristian.net.