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Bible Text: Various Passages |


  • Sex in the Old Testament - an Overview of God’s Intention in His Gift of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage




  • Genesis ___ - ___




  • Genesis ___




  • Proverbs ___: ___ - ___




  • Are there other intentions in God’s Gift of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage?




  • Something __________________ ourselves…




  • ...something that can come __________________ ourselves…




  • ...and something that can __________________ ourselves.




  • The Challenges that Stand in the Way of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage




  • __________________ Past




  • __________________ Past




  • Other Challenges




  • “What is okay?” - Biblical Principles for Sexual Activity in Your Marriage**




  • __________________?




  • __________________?




  • __________________  or  __________________?




  • __________________?




  • What sticks out to you, from this session? Something interesting? Convicting? Encouraging? Confusing? Comforting?
  • How can God’s original design (before sin) influence you towards changes you need to make regarding your role in the sexual intimacy in your marriage?
  • What about in section III - what other intentions are significant to you, and why? Have you ever known someone who (with their spouse) entered into a specific season of sexual abstinence in order to be devoted to prayer?
  • What challenges regarding your past still persist? What step(s) can you take to address them?
  • What is “okay”, in your marriage? What was the last thing you and your spouse discussed together in this regard? Do you talk about sex at all? Why or why not?
  • What step(s) will you take together to honor God’s intention in his gift of sexual intimacy to you and your spouse? Who will you tell for the sake of encouragement and accountability?

**Piper, John. “Is Oral Sex Okay?” Desiring God, 5 Aug. 2014,

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