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Bible Text: 2 Chronicles 25:5-13 & Ezra 4:1-5 |


2 Chronicles 25:5-13 & Ezra 4:1-5

Approving and Disapproving of What Others Are Doing - Part II

Lesson 1: We must disapprove when we’re __________________ __________ (2 Chr 25:5-7; 2 Cor 6:14-18).

Lesson 2: Obedience doesn’t always ____________ in ________________ (2 Chr 25:10-13; Gen 39:7-20).

Lesson 3: Today’s __________ are ________ the Samaritan’s religion (2 Kin 17:24, 32-33, 41; John 4:20-24).

Lesson 4: We must disapprove of ______ __________ (Ezra 4:1-3).

Lesson 5: Not all who claim to ________ ______ actually do (Matt 7:21-23).

Family Worship Guide

Memory Verses: Psalm 96:9-10

Day 1: Read 2 Chr. 25:5-13 & 2 Cor.  6:14-17 and discuss: Why did God not want his people working with those from the northern kingdom of Israel? Prayerfully consider how you might be unequally yoked with those who are not believers. Consider what - if any - changes need to be made. As ambassadors of Christ, how can you be faithful to be “in” the world (for the sake of unbelievers) and also “not of the world”

Day 2: Read 2 Chr. 25:5-13 & 2 Cor.  6:14-17 and discuss: What other situations can you think of - from Scripture - where obedience did not lead to success, comfort or ease, or victory (especially as the world would have counted it)? Consider your own life and experience, or those of faithful Christians throughout history: recount those situations - what God did, what people did in response, etc. Consider Christ: what was his path? Was he “successful” in the world’s eyes? Why or why not? And, how should this frame our perspective about obedience and “success”?

Day 3: Read Ezra 4:1-5 & discuss: Who are the Samaritans - what is their ethnic background? What lessons does this account have for us, today? What must be true about someone else’s belief and practice to qualify them as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” or a cult-member versus someone who is simply not a believer yet?

Pray for those who lead, feed, and care for the flock, and their families (Col. 4:3, 2 Thess. 3:1): Jim Donald and Tim Zumstein

Pray for these church members/families (1 Tim. 2:1, Eph. 6:18, Col. 1:9): Tim & Wendy Petta, James & Christina Post, Doug & Terese Raney, Talia Raney, John & Judy Ream

Pray for “kings” and those in authority (1 Tim. 2:2): Local: Woodland Police; State: Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib; Nation: President Donald Trump

Pray for the Gospel to Spread Among All Peoples (Matt. 9:37-38):

Those we directly support: Our WCC friends who are preparing to work overseas; reach out to them and ask how you can be praying and helping them as they prepare!! An Unreached People Group: Tuareg (Islam in Mali)

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