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Bible Text: Luke 11:41 |


The world teaches man can change through human effort, but Scripture teaches only the Gospel changes the heart. The problem for the religious leaders in Jesus’ day is they looked good outwardly, but they were filthy inwardly. They didn’t know that focusing on the outward doesn’t change the inward, but if the inside changes the outside follows.

Lesson 1: Man’s heart is:

  • (Part I) Not changed by a ____________ __________ (Gen 6:5 cf. Gen 8:21).
  • (Part II) Not changed by ________________ (Jer 13:23).
  • (Part III) Changed under the ______ ________________ (Jer 31:31-34; Pro 3:3, 7:3; 2 Cor 3:3; 1 Pet 2:5; 1 Cor 3:16, 6:19; Rom 12:1; Heb 10:4, 11 cf. John 1:29, 1 John 3:5).

Lesson 2: When the ____________ is changed the ______________ changes too (Luke 11:41).

Family Worship Guide

Memory Verses: Jeremiah 13:23

Day 1: Read Gen 6:1-4, Gen 8:21 and discuss: Did God’s assessment of man’s heart change after the Flood? Why or why not? From what point in life does man’s heart hold the intention of evil? Why doesn’t punishment change the heart?

Day 2: Read Jer 13:23, Jer 6:20b, Jer 14:12, and Isa 64:6 and discuss: Why did God use our inability to change the outside as an illustration for our inability to change the inside? Why wouldn’t God accept outward works in place of a clean heart? What is God’s estimation of our own righteousness.

Day 3: Read Jer 31:31-34, Gal 3:24, Matt 5:21-22, 27-28 and discuss: Under the Old Covenant, who is responsible for man’s part to keep the covenant? How is this different than the New Covenant? What is the error in thinking one needs to “clean up his act” before coming to God? What does the Ten Commandments (Old Covenant) address in contrast to what Jesus (New Covenant) addresses?

Here are the photos Pastor Scott used in the sermon...

CHERNOBYL, UKRAINE, USSR - MAY 1986: Chernobyl nuclear power plant a few weeks after the disaster. Chernobyl, Ukraine, USSR, May 1986. (Photo by Laski Diffusion/Getty Images)


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