Date: November 10, 2019 ()

Bible Text: 1 Timothy 6:6-7 |


Lesson 1: We can’t have:

  • (Part I) __________________ without _____________________ (1 Tim 6:6).
  • (Part II) Lasting _____________________ without __________________ (1 Kin 21:4; Est 5:9-14).

Lesson 2: We can be content by focusing on the __________________ ____________ of this life (1 Tim 6:7 cf. Job 1:21, Psa 49:17, Ecc 5:15; Matt 6:19; 2 Cor 4:18; Pro 23:5).
Lesson 3: We only __________ what we __________ for a short period of time (Dan 5:1-5, 16-31; Jam 4:14; Job 7:7; Psa 102:3, 144:4).

Family Worship Guide
Memory Verse: 1 Timothy 6:6

Day 1: Read 1Tim 6:6, 1King 21:4, Est 5:9-13  and discuss: Why would it not be possible to be godly while missing contentment? What examples do Ahab and Haman give us regarding the limitation of contentment? Was their discontent found in missing out on the “right thing”? Was what they had that gave them contentment proportionate to what gave them discontentment? Why wouldn’t this seem reasonable?

Day 2: Read 1 Tim 6:6-7, Matt 6:19, 2 Cor 4:18, 2 Cor 5:7, and discuss: Is Paul’s statement about godliness and contentment a measure of one’s salvation? Why or why not? What was Jesus’ warning about having treasure in this world only? Why would we struggle to trust that what we need to invest in is that which is not seen? What would it take to commit to living this way?

Day 3: Jas 2:26b, Matt 27:50, Ps 49:17, Jas 4:14, Ps 144:4, and discuss: What is the common relationship between our bodies and earthly riches when we die? How long do we really get to enjoy earthly treasure, if our lives here are brief and uncertain? How should this truth sharpen our focus for living for eternity?

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