Date: August 25, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Luke 12:1-7 |


Jesus warned about the hypocrisy of the Pharisees, and then taught His disciples how to avoid being hypocrites themselves. The fear of man causes hypocrisy, but the fear of God cures us of hypocrisy. One reason we don't need to fear man is because of God's great care for us. The beautiful paradox of the Gospel is the person who fears God has nothing to fear: "Twas grace that taught my heart to fear and grace my fears relieved."

Lesson 1: Hypocrites are ____________ (Luke 12:1).

Lesson 2: Hypocrisy ____ ________________________ because God will expose everything (Luke 12:2-3; Ecc 12:14; 1 Cor 4:5; Num 32:23).

Lesson 3: Fear of ______ ____________ hypocrisy (Luke 12:4; Pro 29:25; Gal 2:11-14).

Lesson 4: Fear of ______ ________________ hypocrisy (Luke 12:5).

Lesson 5: We don’t need to fear man because of __________ ______________________ (Luke 12:6-7 cf. Matt 10:29).


       Family Worship Guide 

Memory Verse: Proverbs 29:25

Day 1: Read Luke 12:1-4, Num 32:23 and discuss: How is hypocrisy like leaven or yeast in bread? Is hypocrisy or acting lying? Why or why not? Who ultimately knows what the true heart of something is whether we try to mask it from others or ourselves?

Day 2: Read Prov 29:25, Gal 2:11-14; Luke 12:4 and discuss: In what ways does the fear of man cause us to compromise? What are some areas in your life where you are weak in the area of fearing man? What do you feel is at risk, if you do not give into that fear?

Day 3: Luke 12:5-7 and discuss: In what way does fearing God keep us from hypocrisy? How is God’s attention toward less valuable creations (birds) and trivial details of our life a testament of His care and love for us? How does grace play into our fearing God and relieving our fears? How does God’s sovereignty give comfort to us?

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