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Knowing the God Who Is Near

Date: March 10, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Acts 17:27-28 & Romans 10:6-14 |


Acts 17:27-28a & Romans 10:6-14—Knowing the God Who Is Near

Lesson 1: The revelation of God in creation:

  • (Part I) Reveals He ____ ________ (Acts 17:24-27; 1 Kin 18:29)
  • (Part II) ________________ versus __________ (Rom 3:11; Psa 14:2; Isa 53:2; Rom 1:20).

Lesson 2: Only the revelation in the ____________ __________ (John 14:6; Rom 10:6-14).

Lesson 3: __________________ (versus __________________) makes us believe people can go to heaven without the Gospel (Isa 59:1; Acts 8, 10, 16).

Family Worship Guide

Memory Verse: Romans 10:9-10

Day 1: Read Acts 17:27-28 and Romans 1:20 and discuss: How is God revealed through creation? What can we learn about God from creation? What can’t we learn? What does the revelation of God in creation do for/to man? What can it not do?

Day 2: Read Romans 10:6-14 and discuss: What revelation does man need to be saved? Where does (and doesn’t) this revelation come from? How can (and can’t) man be saved? In other words, what is (and isn’t) required to be saved?

Day 3: Read Acts 8:26-40 about the Ethiopian eunuch, Acts 10 about Cornelius, and Acts 16:11-15 about Lydia, and discuss: What evidence is there that these were “seeking” God? How did God reveal Himself to them?

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