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Bible Text: Luke 11:42-44 |


Jesus is gracious and merciful, but the Pharisees received scathing criticisms from Him. We should ask why that’s the case so we can learn from their examples and avoid making the same mistakes ourselves. In Luke 14:42-44 Jesus shared three woes (or laments) about them. They only obeyed when it was easy. They majored on the minors. They were self-seeking, and they defiled those they came in contact with. 

Jesus lamented over the Pharisees, because they:

Lesson 1: Only obeyed when it ______ ________ (Luke 11:42 cf. Lev 27:30; 1 Sam 15:9; 2 Sam 24:20-24). 

Lesson 2: ______________ on the ____________ (Matt 23:23-24; Luke 6:1-4, 14:1-5, Rom 13:10; Gal 5:14).

Lesson 3: Were ________-______________ (Luke 11:43).

Lesson 4: ______________ ____________ with their influence (Luke 11:44; Num 19:16; Matt 23:27).

Family Worship Guide

Memory Verses: Luke 11:42

Day 1: Read Luke 11:42, 1 Sam 15:9, 2 Sam 24:20-24 and discuss: Why were the tedious, external things of the Law easy for the Pharisees to keep? How did Saul demonstrate obedience in the easy things but disobedience in the hard things? How is our obedience affected by what we value? Why did David refuse to offer what cost him nothing? How is a costly sacrifice (external) tied to our hearts (internal)?

Day 2: Read Matt 23:23, Luke 14:1-3, Luke 11:43 and discuss: What are the horizontal and vertical relationships the Pharisees were to have relating to the weightier matters of the Law? How can we be like the Pharisees in our presentation outwardly in social media and even in church? How does majoring on the minor’s cause our view of people to differ from God’s view of people?

Day 3: Read Luke 11:44, Matt 23:27, Num 19:16 Gal 5:19-23 and discuss: How was being labeled an unmarked tomb a rebuke to the Pharisees? How can outward religiosity and performance mask the negative influence we can have on others? What are the spiritual evidences that we are having influence or being influenced positively or negatively?

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