Date: November 4, 2018 ()

Bible Text: 2 Chronicles 30:12-20 |


2 Chronicles 30:12-20—Maintaining a Holy Environment During Outreach - Part II

Lesson 1: Let’s use the strong foundation God’s given us to grow in outreach. NOTE: Taken from first sermon on outreach.

Lesson 2: God ______________ ________________ of those “inside” (Num 9:1-11).

Lesson 3: (Part I) Those “outside” __________ ________ “inside” clean (Part II) but God ______ __________ for them...and so should we (2 Chr 30:17-20; Luke 12:48).

Lesson 4: The __________ is more important than ______________ cleanness (2 Chr 30:19).

Vocabulary Words

  • Holy—Definition: separate from the world, set apart for God’s use; synonyms: clean, uncommon
  • Unholy—Definition: not separate from the world, not set apart for God’s use; synonyms: unclean, common
  • Defile—Definition: take something holy and make it unholy; synonyms: profane, desecrate
  • Consecrate—Definition: take something unholy and make it holy; synonym: sanctify

Four practical suggestions to help WCC grow in outreach:

  1. Pray for WCC to grow in this area.
  2. Pray for wisdom for the elders to be sensitive to God’s leading.
  3. Pray about who God would have you invite to church.
  4. Find ways for your home fellowship to focus on outreach.

Family Worship Guide

Memory Verses: Romans 5:18-19

Day 1: Read Numbers 9:1-13 and discuss: How are the men who came forward, admitting their uncleanness, an example? What does holy mean? What does it not mean? What was unexpected about God’s response to these men’s question about participating in Passover?

Day 2: Read 2 Chronicles 30:10-20 and discuss: What could Hezekiah have done to make Judah more attractive to those from the northern kingdom of Israel? What did he do, instead? While you probably don’t bow down to statues, what idolatry is present in your life - that is, what do you trust in instead of God? Consider the things you turn to for peace, comfort, rest, love, esteem, or when you are hurt, angry, lonely, or sad. Ask God to show you the uncleanness of idolatry in your own heart and for him to give you the same zeal Hezekiah had in order to remove these things from your life.

Day 3: Read 2 Chronicles 30:10-20 and discuss: What should we not expect from those “outside” when they come “inside”? In what way does Luke 12:48 apply to your answer? Read verse 19 and ask God to show you the specific things you need to put off so that you can devote more attention to seeking him.

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