Date: August 11, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Nehemiah 2:1-20 |


Nehemiah Series Rebuilding Your Walls     Nehemiah 2

1. Last week, we discovered that having an attitude of repentance is the perfect start to changing your life.

2. The next question is what is the next step? It was something Nehemiah needed to consider.

3. Radical change does not always mean radical action. Sudden, emotional decisions tend to result in sudden relapse.

4. God’s power is not always manifested by the removal of opposition. Rather working through the opposition shows His sovereignty.

5. God still seeks to work in your life the same way. Example: it would have been easier for God to wipe out creation and start over when sin entered in. However, the full power of God’s love and redemptive power was made manifest by working within the established system.

6. We must seek God’s Providence.


I. For the Blessings of God—v.1-8

A. The Season of the Blessing – v.1

B. The Specifics of the Blessing – v. 5-8

C. The Sufficiency of the Blessing – v.8-9

II. For the Glory of God—v.10, 17-20

A. Your testimony to believers

B. Your testimony to unbelievers (v.10, 19)

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