Nehemiah 8 – Responding

/Nehemiah 8 – Responding
December 15, 2019

Nehemiah 8 – Responding

Passage: Nehemiah 8:1-18
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  1. This chapter opens up with the people desiring to have the Law read to them. The Law of Moses was written for the children of Israel when they rebelled against God. The intent was to have a record, an authority for Israel to go back to (Deuteronomy 31:24-27).
  2. The day that the Law was read was the same time they were to practice the feast of tabernacles. Appropriately, the feast of tabernacles was the celebration of their rest and possession of the land after passing through the wilderness. The booths marked that they had been under tents as pilgrims.
  3. Just like their wilderness travels, their captivity was temporary and designed to chasten Israel and prepare them to live in the Promised Land. So too was their captivity designed to be a punishment and as well as a chastening for them to be compliant to the Word of God.
  4. Completing the wall gave them unity. Reckoning them to the genealogy gave them identity. Hearing of the Law gave them security, the security of God’s covenant to them.
  5. When the Jews understood the Law that was given to them they responded to it with joy and not sorrow.
  6. Therefore every Christian must have a right response to the Word of God.

How?   By…

I.             Being Eager for God’s Word—v.1-6

A.            They Had an Appetite for God’s Word – v. 1

B.            They Were Abiding with God’s Word – v. 3

C.            They Were Attentive to God’s Word – v.3, 7

II.            By  Being Engaging toward God’s Word. – vs. 5-8

A.            A Show of Respect for the Word of God

B.            A Show of Reverence for the God of the Word. – v. 6

III.          By Being Educated in God’s Word. – vs. 7-8, 13

A.            Obligation of the teachers

B.            Obligations of leaders

C.            Obligation of the listener

IV.          By Enacting God’s Word. – v.13-18

A.            Promise of Security

B.            Promise of Blessing

C.            Promise of Success

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