Put Off Laziness and Put On Diligence – Part III
March 10, 2019

Put Off Laziness and Put On Diligence – Part III

Passage: Proverbs 26:13-16
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When we think of the “worst” sins, lying, adultery, and murder, come to mind, but people don’t often think of laziness. Some people might not even think laziness is a sin. This is unfortunate because laziness is a sin the Bible discusses:

  1. Discusses frequently
  2. Describes having serious consequences

“Sluggard” and “slothful” are synonyms for lazy, and these words occur seventeen times in Proverbs with nothing good said about these people. Ronald Sailler and David Wyrtzen wrote, “Laziness could run a competitive race for the most underrated sin. Quietly it anesthetizes its victim into a lifeless stupor that ends in hunger, bondage, and death.”[i] Laziness is a sin that has no place in the character of a Christian.

We can commit Proverbs to memory and use them as a sword against laziness. The next time we’re tempted to remain on the couch when there’s something better to do or sleep in later than we should, these verses can be a weapon against laziness

[i] Ronald Sailler and David Wyrtzen, The Practice of Wisdom, Chicago: Moody, 1992, p. 82.

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