Survey of the Old Testament – Part I: Genesis and Exodus
July 1, 2018

Survey of the Old Testament – Part I: Genesis and Exodus

Passage: Genesis and Exodus
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Homework Questions for Families to Complete Together 


Most answers can be found easily in the attached PowerPoint slides

  1. In what verse did Satan learn he would be defeated by Jesus, and what is Jesus called in the verse?
  2. In Genesis 4 how did Satan attack the line, and how did God restore it?
  3. Fill in the blanks: _______ had _____, _____ had Jacob, Jacob’s name was changed to ______. Jacob had 12 ____ who became 12 _______. These 12 ______ became the nation of ______.
  4. Which tribe would the Messiah come from, and which verse in Genesis provides this answer?
  5. Which tribe:
    • Did the priests come from?
    • Accounted for two tribes?
  6. Fill in the blanks: The first five books of the Bible were originally one book called:
    • The ________ meaning “Five Books”
    • The _____ meaning “Law.”
    • The _____ of _____ because he wrote them.
  7. The first five books record Israel’s history up to what point?
  8. Dave tries to convince people his red shirt is what color?
  9. Read Exo 12:37-40 to answer these questions:
    • How many years passed between Exodus 1:7 and Exodus 1:8?
    • Jacob’s family was 70 people in Exo 1:4, but they grew to approximately what number during the time between Exodus 1:7 and Exodus 1:8?
  10. Since God wanted to give the Promised Land to Israel, why did He first have them in Egypt versus taking them straight to the Promised Land? Another way to ask the question: Why did God have Israel grow into a nation in Egypt versus in the Promised Land?
  11. Describe Satan’s attack in Exodus 1, and what is the parallel in the New Testament that looked forward to the attack on Jesus? HINT: Look in Matt 2.
  12. Israel’s exodus from Egypt looked forward to Jesus’ exodus from Egypt. Where is this prophecy in the Old Testament?

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