The Two Decrees: Life and Death

/The Two Decrees: Life and Death
August 18, 2019

The Two Decrees: Life and Death

Passage: Daniel 6, Esther 3, Esther 8
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Three principles:

  1. When a king issues a decree or law, it can’t be revoked. For it to be prevented, there must be the issuing of another decree or law.
  2. The first law results in something negative; in many instances it results in death. The second law results in something positive; in many instances life.
  3. The two laws coexist. They’re in operation at the same time. The second law trumps the first, but doesn’t nullify it. Instead, the second law provides a way to avoid the first law.

We see this take place a few times in the Old Testament as it prefigures the Old Covenant (Law=death) and New Covenant (Grace=life).

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