In 1913, on a piece of property some thought was too far away from the town of Woodland over on Davidson Avenue, a young reverend and evangelist by the name of Walter Straub(who held a Pastorate in Camas, Washington) started a tent meeting at the site of the current church grounds of Woodland Christian Church. That eight week long tent meeting (and 22 new members) began the century of Woodland Christian Church History.

Under the leadership of Walter Straub, the construction of the church on its present location was started. The property was donated by Mrs. Ida Parents, a member of the Christian Church in Tacoma, WA.

The first donation toward the new building was the blasting powder to clear the stumps and was given by Mr. Bennett, who was the grandfather of Harry Andrews, a local resident. The present church bell was presented to the church by Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Blue. The building consisted of one main auditorium with two small class rooms across the front and two across the back. It was heated by a large wood stove.

In 1926, a new addition was undertaken and completed the following year. The church then had additional class rooms, a basement, with kitchen, dining room and furnace room, and an annex to be used for an auditorium when necessary.

In 1957 there was a need for more classrooms, an office and a nursery, so a building committee was appointed and funds were raised to construct the Education building, which was dedicated in 1958. A new parsonage was built in 1960. A need for a larger sanctuary soon became evident; therefore a building committee was again appointed. The new sanctuary we have today was finished and dedicated in March of 1977.

Though originally part of the Christian Church denomination, today the church in an independent, Bible-believing, non-denominational assembly of believers. Woodland Christian Church strives to preach, teach, and live after the commands of God from His Word. Woodland Christian Church has enjoyed 100 years because of one young evangelist listening to God’s prompting!