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About Pastor Scott LaPierre and his family…

I am the senior pastor of Woodland Christian Church, an author, and conference speaker. My wife, Katie, and I went to high school together in Fall River Mills, CA. Neither of us were Christians at the time, but we gave our lives to the Lord in our early twenties and reconnected when I was teaching elementary school in Lemoore, California.

We were married in August 2006, and God has blessed us with seven beautiful children. The youngest, Ruby Nell, isn’t in the above photo. Time to update :). Oldest to youngest:

  1. Rhea Grace (pronounced “Ray-uh”)
  2. Ricky Maher (named after Katie’s father)
  3. John Arnold (named after my father)
  4. Charis Hope (pronounced “Care-iss”, the Greek word for “grace”)
  5. Chloe Marie
  6. Noah Michael
  7. Ruby Nell

Katie does a wonderful job home-schooling our children, and we pray God blesses us with more children if that’s His will.

While teaching, God opened a door for me to work part-time at Grace Baptist Church in Lemoore as an associate pastor. The church grew, they hired me full-time, and I left public school teaching. We began communicating with WCC and I made the transition to become their senior pastor in December 2010. When Pastor Doug became our associate pastor in April 2014 my ministry began a greater focus on preaching and administration.

We love Woodland, the community, and especially our church family. My parents, Katie’s brother, Boyd, and sister Molly and her family, also moved to be with us. We couldn’t feel more thankful for what God has done for us.

If you’d like to contact me for prayer, encouragement, questions, or any other reason: